Capsule Chix Toy Review

Capsule Chix are adorable figurines are produced by Moose Toys, who brought the American Market many genre-defining blind box toys including Shopkins and Treasure X. These seem to be their attempt at breaking into the 4” figure market and getting a piece of MGA’s LOLSurprise audience. These toys boast “billions” of combinations of torsos, legs, faces, hair, and accessories that you can put together to create dolls to fit any mood. If that mood involves a lot of cotton-candy colors and fashion that ranges from the mid-2000s Fashion Polly line and the more cutified Bratz dolls. 

Each package of Capsule Chix contains 5 capsules which hold enough parts to build one whole doll. These seem to be fairly coordinated into a matched doll right off the bat, but we did open one box that gave us legs that were a completely different color than the head or torso. 

We opened four boxes total, and this review is about the “Ram Rock” collection box specifically. 

Our first capsule was the torso, which sported an awesome armor-looking top and a piece of the supposedly rare fabric accessory, in the form of a pretty cool high-necked cape. The arms were printed with the same circuit pattern as the other dolls, and the hands pop on and off easily to aid in putting on accessories and bags. I’ll admit this part was a little terrifying, because I have a huuuge penchant for accidentally breaking dolls by yanking off hands without checking that they are supposed to come off. 

The second capsule contained the shoes, purse, and accessory. These were made of a soft rubber, reminiscent of the Fashion Polly clothes from the mid-2000s. The shoes have a slit in the back that makes them easy to put onto the dolls, and the bracelet has enough flex to it that you don’t have to remove the hands to put them on. 

Third was the legs, which I’ll admit I just about screeched when I opened. These were FLOCKED bell bottom jeans! They were so soft to touch, and I don’t know about you, but I love flocked things, they’re just so cool to me! I was a bit worried that the shoes wouldn’t fit under the creases of the hard molded plastic bell bottoms, but they slid right on and don’t look like they’re laying weird or anything. The legs also came with a rubber waist sash. 

The head for this doll has a very sassy expression on her face and beautiful green eyes. Her makeup is really subdued compared to the other dolls I’ve opened, but it works really well with the look the randomized parts created. The heads also sport holes on the sides of the heads for headphones and other ear accessories. 

This doll’s hair is BIG and a scrumptious raspberry color. The bangs and rest of the hair are in two separate pieces that snap on and frame the head. Some hair is accessorized with hats or other goodies. 

Having opened four of these dolls, I have to say I am absolutely in love. They are cute and a nice small size that lends itself to easy display. The included base/stand system is also awesome! The pricepoint also makes these a fun toy to collect casually, with each box retailing for $14.99. They are a great pick me up on a bad day. 

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