The Spite Sweater

Spite Sweater with my friend Rexy

About eight years ago now, I got sick of asking my friends to make me amigurumi, or trying to commission complex things, and finally sat myself down and learned to crochet. My first object was a granny square I learned from a YouTube video.

This very same YouTube video, actually. (Thanks Google for always having my back and a comprehensive list of all the odd things I plug into Youtube!) 

After that, it was off to the races. I learned to make hats, blankets, amigurumi. I experimented with shapes and mixing them together to create some absolutely wild creations

Mermaid Tails for a gift 2016

But one thing that eluded me was actual wearable garments. Sweaters scared the bejesus out of me. All of the patterns I’d found pre-Ravelry seemed to just be instructions more than patterns, with most of them being “Construct top down using the regular sweater method ™”, which made them even more unapproachable to me. It wasn’t until a while into my learning that I found this adorable sweater pattern that did everything I was asking of a sweater. 

So I printed the pattern, I bought every stitch of Caron Simply Soft in (avocado? I have since lost my labels and don’t remember), I bought the hook the pattern called for. I was prepared. 

And I started the sweater. And I miscounted. And I restarted the sweater. And miscounted again. Over six months went by of me trying to figure out the sweater with my limited knowledge of crochet terms and fouling up pretty consistently. And so into a tote bag it went, with its hook, printed pattern, stitch markers, and barely started piece. It moved to three houses with me, each time getting a disdainful look into the tote bag and shelved with the other “ugh” projects. It lingered in storage until this last June, when I said “Well screw it, I’m going to spite-finish my sweater. 

It was such a different experience this time. I was able to make adjustments on the fly, I was suddenly able to change things to be exactly what I wanted without stressing it or asking a million questions on online forums. I blew through the main body of it in one day. The sleeves took two episodes of a home improvement show. It wasn’t until I got to the cowl that I started to stagnate. The cowl was one of my old sworn enemies. Repetition. It was just row after row of going in the same circle of sc’s. I put the sweater down for an entire month. 

Until I FINISHED THE BEASTIE. She’s done and she’s…not at all what I’d hoped for. Which on one hand is super unfortunate. BUT on the other hand is super awesome because I finished a GARMENT! And it will make a sweet gift for a similarly proportioned friend. 

All in all this was a weird project for me. Mostly because I have made such wild things in the time since I first attempted it. But it’s finished. With the same yarn it all started with five years ago. 

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