Good afternoon coven! 

Throughout this October I will be writing an analysis of four selections from Scott Westerfeld’s bibliography based on criteria I’ve set for them! Each of these books was chosen with equal parts nostalgia and yearning to squeeze something new out of them rereading them as an adult. 

Week One:  “So Yesterday” 

“So Yesterday” was one of my favorite books in middle and high school. I would read and reread my copy until the cover fell off, and it’s still full of post-it flags from years past. This book features a fast-paced thriller-y mystery encased in an exploration of trendsetting and trend-freaking. I chose this based on nostalgia, and it was the inspiration for this project.

Week Two: “Polymorph”

This selection was an interesting one. I wanted to give a shot to Westerfeld’s adult works, and I figured his first novel would be a great jumping off point. I am jumping into this one completely blind and hoping for the best.

Week Three: “Uglies”

This trilogy was frequently pitted against the “Hunger Games” trilogy as the quintessential YA Dystopian/Utopian story. I always stood for “Uglies” because it was helmed by a much stronger female character than THG. I am really hoping it holds up, because I remember loving it so much and constantly rereading it. 

Week Four: “Peeps”

I was hoping to round out the month with a book featuring a strong male protagonist, but outside of “there’s a boy in the lead part”, I know nothing about “Peeps”. I’m hoping this ends up being a good read, because it also has a sequel? That I may or may not attempt!

As I read each of these selections I will post an essay about them and the overlaps I find between them, culminating in a big wrap-up post the first week of November! See you Saturday for the first installment! 

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