For those who do not know, OwlCrate is a monthly curated YA book box. They bring you bookish goodies, one signed and often special edition copy of the book, and a slew of really cool extras like bookmarks and letters from the author. 

This month’s theme was “The Storms and Seas”, and both the book and the goods were well worth the $29.99 subscription fee. 

I went into this box really not knowing what to expect because I have conflicting thoughts about the state of YA at the moment. I figured I’d get stuck with things I didn’t want a la the Lootcrate Fiasco of 2014-2016. From the moment I opened the box, however, I was in LOVE.  Spoilers ahead for the August 2019 OwlCrate! You have been warned!

The box came packed so well that not a single bit of tissue was out of place and each and every thing in the box was gorgeous!

Let’s start with the enamel pin. This month’s enamel pin was sourced from Laserbrain Patch Co, a lovely company with a subscription service of their own, or a slew of purchasable goodies for those who don’t want to commit to surprises. The pin features the crest of the family in the theme’s book “House of Salt and Sorrows” as well as a glow in the dark lighthouse! This pin is absolutely stunning in-person and has a locking back, which is a perk for me because it will be adorning my partner’s nerdpunk vest. 

Next is a tin pencil case based on Maggie Stiefvater’s “The Scorpio Races”, which is just a lovely treat. It snaps really tightly closed and I think it will make an excellent addition to my travel crochet/cross stitch kit. 

The next item is a very cool engraved wooden bookmark that is almost too pretty to keep hidden in a book. I’m currently using it as a shelfminder when I take out books. The design on the bookmark is based on “Daughter of the Pirate King” by Tricia Levenseller

OwlCrate also included a really cool stamped metal lantern which can hold a single tealight. I am a bit of a mess when it comes to using those, so I’ll be opting to put a battery operated tealight in mine. 

This next inclusion was a bath salt mix that was straight out of my wildest dreams. I have always coveted things on The Soap Librarian’s website, and this was a perfect introduction to her product. It is an absolutely divine beachy mix of florals and savory notes that really make you want to soak in it for hours. 

Now you may notice something from the first picture is missing. That would be the absolutely amazing Sea Witch tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. This tea was so fantastic that my partner and I polished it off on the first day. It was such a robust blend of spices and bergamot, which gave it so much body that it was almost like drinking a scone.

The real showstopper in this month’s crate is the book. This book is FANTASTIC. As of writing this I am only about 50% through it, but so far it is absolutely gripping. I was not familiar with the source fairytale, but that has not impeded my enjoyment of this story in the slightest. I will pen a proper review when I have completed it, because I do not believe I am far enough to give a constructive review that isn’t just blubbering about how much I love it. 

The book itself looks absolutely stunning. The exclusive cover is a shade brighter than the retail one, which to me adds a touch of whimsy. 

All in all I find myself completely satisfied with the contents of this month’s OwlCrate. Each item has a place in my home and my life that isn’t shoved aside or hastily gifted to a friend, and each piece adds to the mood and ambiance of the book. The accompanying pieces also gave me a few new recommendations for my TBR. 

If you’d like to get your hands on this month’s crate, head on over to OwlCrate

If you’d like to sign up, do your friendly neighborhood witch a favor and use my referral link here

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